Fun Facts

Fun Fact of the Day: Octopuses are Mollusks

When you hear the word “mollusk,” you probably think of a variety of brainless, shelled creatures like clams, oysters, and scallops, or perhaps some slightly more complex creatures like snails. An octopus couldn’t seem more different than these much simpler animals, but they are mollusks too! In fact, all cephalopods, including squid and cuttlefish, are […]

Fun Fact of the Day: Whales Evolved From Small Four-Legged Land Animals.

Whales used to walk land, just like us! In fact, they were small quadrupeds about the size of dogs. Evolution is a fascinating thing. These animals evolved out of the ocean… and then returned to it. This group of animals now contains the species (blue whale) that is the largest animal ever to roam the […]

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